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The Trio Frits, Jillian, and Kaya in action captures the lifestyle of award winning photographer Frits Meyst and travel writer Jillian Macdonald, a duo that unites the desire to explore, seek adventure and become a part with nature. With their Volkswagen camper van and accompanied by their dog Kaya, they traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East. From across Russia, the mountain ranges of Central Asia, whale watching and chasing dolphins off Canada's west coast, or hunting for dinosaurs, Macdonald and Meyst discover the beauty, the adventure and the mystery of the world's many opportunities. specializes in the production of Outdoor Adventure, Travel, and Diving stories that include photography, full text, practical info and maps. All images are available for download in Hi-res quality from the online Archive.

"The World Is Our Office." was born in spirit in 1999, when Frits and wife Jillian decided to change their lives. They found home in Turkey and moved to the region of Cappadocia, a landscape of deep canyons and conical shaped rock formations which became the base for early civilizations, sculpting their houses within the rock structures. From their very own rock house Meyst and Macdonald now travel the world on the hunt for adventure. To manage their dream and craving for adventure, Meyst and Macdonald founded and in 2004 that dream was brought online. "Through the latest digital technologies we manage to travel while maintaining a fully mobile and efficient office. Technology created our freedom and the world is our office" say the duo. Ten years ago the technology did not exist to make this kind of life possible. " I would be running to the airport to ship my films out to the clients and communicate by fax", says Meyst. Nowadays we can stay in touch with our worldwide clients uploading our photo features from almost anywhere in the world.  Even from a mountain top.