captures the lifestyle of travel writer Jillian Macdonald, who seeks adventure and become a part with nature. She traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East. From across Russia, the mountain ranges of Central Asia, whale watching and chasing dolphins off Canada's west coast, or hunting for dinosaurs, Macdonald discovers the beauty, the adventure and the mystery of the world's many opportunities. specializes in the production of Outdoor Adventure, Travel, and Diving stories that, full text, practical info and maps. was born in spirit in 1999, when Jillian decided to change her live. She found home in Turkey and moved to the region of Cappadocia, a landscape of deep canyons and conical shaped rock formations which became the base for early civilizations, sculpting their houses within the rock structures. From her very own rock house Macdonald now travels the world on the hunt for adventure.



Writer Jillian Macdonald

"I take you to places you might not think about."


Born in Alberta, Canada, Jillian Macdonald left home at age 16 to study ballet in London. She danced in London, Paris, New York, and during all of those years the stage was her home, and the dancers her family. After her dance career Macdonald found herself on the road again as the Company Manager with the world renowned contemporary dance company, La La La Human Steps, touring extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, North and South America, Australia and Asia. In January 1989, Jillian joined the Canada Council Touring Office as Market Development Officer, responsible for the development and management of programs and policies, including training programs designed to strengthen the Canadian marketplace for dance, theatre, music, the multidisciplinary arts and mixed-media. But the desire to return to Europe was never absent and in September 1991 Macdonald crossed the Atlantic once again to join the Dutch National Ballet as leading director for marketing and communications.

Following four years with the National Ballet and years of experience in international arts management, she started her own company ConsulArts International, with communications and networking for the arts the primary focus. Socio-cultural exchange and development have always been a priority for Macdonald and have taken her as a guest teacher/lecturer to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Siberia, Kiev, Prague, Zagreb, Krakow, across South Africa, throughout Holland and North America and then on to Turkey and Central Asia. Yet from her birth place in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, Macdonald continues to seek the outdoors, the unknown, new adventures 4 ever.

"I met Frits Meyst in 1998. The images were there and I quickly decided to break all chains from the work desk, take only the necessary equipment to back-up all data, power all units and flee to the horizons beyond."   From that point on, Macdonald learned how to make bread and cheese from the local women in Turkey, drink vodka with the Kazakh artists and share fermented mare milk with Kyrgyz shepherds. "Let the soul free.  Breath the life around you and share". seeks the unknown, seeks the adventure that takes you to places you "just might not think about".







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